Dear Grandma, I keep having these fantasies where Iím buck naked and strapped to the Wheel of Fortune, and every time the contestants spin the wheel I get covered in honey and have to sing Burt Bacharach songs until I come. Is this normal? - Tina

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Uncircumcised Sex Tips

Uncircumcised sex is often a difficult issue for women who haven't been with an uncut man before. In terms of his enjoyment, studies have found that there is no essential difference in penile sensitivity between circumcised and uncircumcised men. However, you may need to consider a few different techniques.

Hand jobs and oral sex may be a lot easier when having sex with an uncircumcised man. This is because the foreskin moves with your hand and mouth, increasing friction and making your work a bit easier. Less pressure and lubrication is required.

You can also use his foreskin to make him aroused, by gently inching it back down his shaft little by little. As he becomes more erect, of course, the foreskin will retract naturally.

Some uncircumcised men have problems with condoms, as the foreskin can move around inside the sheath and even cause the condom to come off. It may be worthwhile paying a little more attention to rolling on the rubber.

An uncircumcised penis can also create more friction in the vagina. Whether this is good news or a concern depends of course on the man's partner, and whether she enjoys more vaginal rubbing or less.

A 1997 survey of American uncircumcised men found they were more likely to engage in diverse or elaborate sexual practices. This could mean that sex with an uncircumcised man could easily be a new and exciting experience!

Uncircumcised Facts and Information

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