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Dicks used to be hidden, but in the last few years, porn for women has been growing on the internet. Where previously the search for naked men turned up heaps of gay sites, there is now are a plethora of free porn sites for women, and over a dozen paysites such as For The Girls and Womens Porno offering sex by the truckload for the price of a gym membership. Suddenly erotica for women is easily available. Suddenly dicks are everywhere!

By and large, it seems that women are VERY interested in seeing naked men. It turns out that women love dicks - in every shape and form. Long, short, circumcised, uncut, thin, thick, black, white, yellow or pink - dicks rate highly on the list of what women want to see when they surf for sex. Search terms like "big dicks" and "large cocks" increasingly turn up erotica for women sites. And erect penises are always welcome!

This may be because women have long been denied access to seeing penises in their natural environment. On television and in film, women's bodies are public property, they are uncovered and flaunted for every conceivable reason, and yet the male organ remains hidden, shrouded in secrecy, and only revealed with great undertones of weighty importance. There are countless female nude scenes in films, yet the list of full frontal male nudity in movies covers barely a page. (If you would like to see this list, click here.)

Meanwhile, traditional publishing and censorship also guards the penis jealously. While explicit photographs of women's genitals are considered to be standard, an erect penis usually means an "x" rating.  There are hundreds of magazines that celebrate the female body, yet very few offer male centrefolds that provide a full view of the penis. All this results in a great deal of curiosity from women about the dick.

Enter the internet. Due to its international nature, women can view explicit pictures of naked men without the fear of censorship. A large number of women's sex sites feature the penis in all it's erect glory. And women love it. They feel like they're no longer left out, or considered to be so pure as to be unable to view a cock. It's a liberating experience to look at dicks in close detail, to compare the differences between men, to become educated and informed about the nature of the penis.

Most women's paysites feature thousands of pictures of naked men. Sites like Just for Ladies also offer a plethora or good looking men, all revealing their erect cocks for the viewing pleasure of women. Voyeurism is also alive and well on these sites. Some offer cams of naked men, masturbating or simply showing off their dicks.

Then there's the growing incidence of male strip sites. Taking the lead from famous male revues like the Chippendales, and Manpower, online male strippers are doing great business. The term CNFM (Clothed Female, Naked Male) now pops up regularly. It seems women can't get enough of men taking their clothes off. Unfortunately most live shows don't go all the way. This has been rectified by Serial Thrillas, which offers live footage from British strip shows - a veritable Full Monty extravaganza. This site features hundreds of men who will strip on demand, giving private, individual performances for willing female customers. They take it ALL off, and will even masturbate for the viewer. This site is proving to be immensely popular, proving that women ARE the visual sexual creatures long since denied by the scientific community.

Perhaps the biggest indicator of dick-love comes from the new site Big Dick Men. It seems women can't get enough of erect penises, and since this site celebrates them, it's gaining a huge following. The site boasts more long penises than anywhere else on the net. Where they found so many men with 10 inch penises is a mystery.

Then there's the fascination with celebrity dicks. Vast numbers of women are flocking to Male Celebrities , a site that features thousands of celebrity photos, all nude. Brad Pitt naked is the prize many are after, and they aren't disappointed, thanks to a sneaky paparazzi photographer. Many of the shots on this site are taken from movie scenes, or via said photographers. It features a nude Ben Affleck, nude Matt Damon, naked David Duchovny, even Ricky Martin naked.

Hundreds of free sites are now attracting women with their blend of sensuality and naked men. One of the more popular sites celebrating the penis is Dicks Dicks Dicks. This free site features close up pics of penises, and well-hung men.

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