Penis Size: Do Women Care?

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It seems that men the world over worry about the size of their penis. For many men, a small penis is the greatest bane of their life. They think that women won't want them simply because their dick isn't huge.

Penis size has resulted in many message boards and self-help groups on the internet. There's also a plethora of medical advice and now there are plenty of penis enlargement programs (see below) available, including surgery for those who are most worried about penis size.

The fact is, women are usually far more concerned with the size of the man's tongue than his dick. Considering that a woman's pleasure has more to do with stimulating the clitoris than how much of her vagina is full of dick, worries about penis size are often unnecessary and a waste of time.

Sure, some women prefer a larger penis, but these are in the minority. A woman is firstly attracted to a man when he's got his clothes on, and the way he uses his fingers is bound to come in for plenty more scrutiny than how he uses his cock.

Far more important is whether a man has a big smile. If he looks friendly and he knows how to be polite, kind, sensitive and loving, then a woman really isn't going to care what size penis the man has.

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